A set of badly configured XMPP services for testing against. Inspired by

Client Tests

None yet but tests for clients are on the roadmap.

Server-to-Server Tests

These XMPP hosts allow testing various problems. They respond to ping but not much else. returns a list of all hosts in response to a disco#items query and serves as an index.

DNS problems
SRV record points to NXDOMAIN.
SRV record points to NOERROR (only a TXT record, no A / AAAA).
SRV record points to '.', indicating no service.

Network and firewall
Only an A record.
Only an AAAA record.
SRV record points to a black hole.
SRV record points to blocked port.
Port black-holed over IPv4, but not IPv6.
Port blocked over IPv4, but not IPv6.
Port black-holed over IPv6, but not IPv4.
Port blocked over IPv4, but not IPv4.
SRV record points to a port with a HTTP server.
SRV record points to a port with a HTTPS server.

TLS versions
Supports only TLS 1.0.
Supports only TLS 1.1.
Supports only TLS 1.2.
Supports only TLS 1.3.

Diffie-Hellman parameter sizes

Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman over a bit groups of varying sizes.
512-bit (forbidden) seems to be rejected by the server, does not work as intended.
1024-bit (forbidden)
2048-bit (good but has compatibily problems)

Certificate problems
Has a self-signed certificate.
Expired certificate.
Does not have a certificate matching the name.
Certificate chain missing an intermediate certificate.

XMPP core protocols
Does not offer SASL EXTERNAL.
Does not offer TLS.
Rejects <starttls/> with <failure/>
Does not support Dialback.

Alternate verification methods
PKIX over Secure HTTP (POSH)